Happy birthday

Time for a change
     So I have managed to completely fuck my life up. I dropped out of school and moved to New Orleans. A gay couple I know offered me a place to stay and I have been with them for a couple of months. We get along alright, and although they have extended their offer for me to stay as long as I wish, I am not a freeloader and am now searching for a job and a place to stay. FUCK! it's hard to get a job in New Orleans that pays well enough to get a place to stay.

     I was offered a job at a dance club, and I may very well do that. Them girls work their asses off but do decent with the money. I can't go to my mom because she done got back with that abusive asshole. He tells me I can come back anytime, but I won't be in that house ten minutes before he starts trying to fuck me. Damn, I thought things would be a lot easier than this.

All I can say is WOW!


    Me and my GF have been staying with a gay couple I know in New Orleans. We did the Thanksgiving Holidays with them, and for the most part we just stayed in and watched television, smoke some herb and just kick back. Last night my friends told us to get dressed because we was going clubbing, yay!

   I had on my lil black mini and some suede boots. I was lookin and feelin hottttt! We go to this gay club and as soon as we hit the door I heard the music and started dancing. There were a few women there but the club was loaded with gay guys dancing, drinking, and sucking cock! Right there on the dance floor was one guy onj his knees and a lotta guys were around him. He looked like he was having fun.

   After a while I needed a drink so I made my way to the bar. While I was at the bar, I felt two hands around my waist and I heard this manly voice telling me to not turn around. When I did try to see who was behind me he would shift me back to facing the bar. I caught a glimpse of him in the bar mirror. HOT<HOT<HOT.... He was tall, dark hair,and skinny. When I finally stopped trying to turn around he leaned forward and told me he was watching me and I turned him on. HUH! I thought this was a gay bar?

    His hand started rubbin my ass, and I leaned forward some. I wanted to see where this was going! While he was rubbin my ass my GF came up beside me and asked who my new friend was. I told her I didn't know but I liked his touch. She reached down and took his hand and brought it around to my pussy. Through my panties she was guiding his hand in a rubbing motion. GOD! It was good!... He reached inside my panties and put a finger in my pussy, my friend took his hand away and licked his finger. I tried turning around and he forcibly turned me back to facing the bar. He pushed me forward and I bent my ass out to him. My GF dot down and started sucking his cock while he fingered me with one then two fingers. The bartender walked up to  me and asked if I was having a good time. All I could do was smile and moan.... I started cumming a few minutes later and I heard the man fingering me growl, he was cummin in my GF mouth. I felt him shudder and as soon as he relaxed his hand that was holding me down on the bar, I turned around and saw this man who just made me cum in the bar. He was gorgeous.

    He said he wanted to spend some more time with me and my GF so we went upstairs to another room that was quit. He told me his fantasy was to take control of a woman and force her to submit to his every desire in public. I told him that I thought he was more man than anyone I ever dated because he took control, and I like to be controlled sometimes. We stayed up there in that room for a couple hours fucking. Me and my GF put on quite a show for the people making their way upstairs. It turned into an orgy before long. When we got home, me and my GF told our gay couple about the fun we had, and they said they knew all about it because they set this guy up to do me at the bar. Then I remembered that I had told them about this fantasy of mine before, and they wanted to see if I would go through with it.... WOW!

Why do guys think they own you after a simple blowjob?
    My friend invited me to a party. Last night I went to the party and there was this guy who I'd seen around but never talked to before. We started talking and I liked him. We fooled around in his car for awhile. I had no plans to fuck him, but I was impressed with his cock. I started to blow him and after, maybe a minute, he shot his load. I told him before we started fooling around that I was not interested in dating but that every once in a while I liked to just have casual sex to satisfy my desires. He said he didn't want a steady GF either, he just wanted to get off. Immediately after we got back inside he wraps his arms around me, and smothering me with kisses, and gropes. I HATE GROPES!..... I told him I had to leave and he gets all shitty with me telling me he wasn't ready to leave and I should chill. WHAT? I told him to fuck off! This is why I hardly EVER have sex with guys my age. THEY HAVE NO CLUE! This is why I PREFER WOMEN most times. I don't know what I was thinking.

     My oh My! Several month's ago my stepdad and my mother broke up. He is an abuser, and I was glad he got arrested for spousal abuse. Well, it seems that in Louisiana, you can do a plea bargain and plead guilty, and get sentenced to time served. That's right, the SHITHEAD is outta jail.... I hope he stays away from my mom, and I hope my mom doesn't want to get back with him. She has never learned before so I wouldn't be shocked if they got back together.

    New Orleans this weekend was KWAZY KWAZY KWAZY! Me and my GF went to the French Quarter Friday night and wound up staying with a gay couple I know at their apartment. Lots of wine, lots of weed, and a shitload of food. I love those guys and they are fun to hang out with. My GF was a little hesitant at first but she warmed up to them real quick.... Gotta say though when two old queers get into a bitching contest, it is funny as hell... I never laffed so damn much!

    Back in Baton Rouge now... just 1 more week until winter break. I aint gonna stay with Momma if that asshole is back with her, so I may be staying with my bitch buddies for the holiday's.... That will be hilarious!

I have nothing to do!

Thanx Naughty Lucy for the survey.... I have NOTHING ELSE to do! LOL

Have you ever had intercourse with someone who had a genital piercing?

Women: How do you react when your partner loses his erection while having intercourse?
It happens

Have you ever had ‘rug burn’ (on your back or butt) from a sexual encounter on the floor?

Do you ever take ideas from pornography and try them out in your sex life?

Does the idea of having sex with a virgin turn you on?
Not anymore

Have you ever gone from anal to vaginal penetration without washing the penetrating object (penis, finger, dildo, vibrator etc.)

Does it turn you on to have your anal region stimulated?
It sure does

How do you feel about stimulating/penetrating your partner's anus with a finger?
It's fucking awesome to see his reaction

Have you ever engaged in anal sex?

Does the taste of your partner's ejaculate or secretions change?

Women: Do you caress your partner's testicles while performing oral sex?

Have you ever sucked on a mint before giving oral sex to increase the sensation for your partner?

Of Course

Would you like your partner to start performing oral sex on you while you slept?
NO!!!! Leave me alone when I'm sleeping

Do you like the taste of semen/vaginal excretions (assuming that your partner's genitals are sparkling clean)?
Love it!

How confident are you with your oral sex skills?
No one is better

When your partner is performing oral sex on you, how do you feel about kissing him/her on the lips?
Love it.

When your partner is performing oral sex on you, how much eye contact do you like?
My eyes are closed 

Would you perform oral sex on your partner after vaginal penetration?

How old were you when you first engaged in oral sex?

Do you swallow your partner's ejaculate/vaginal excretions?

In your view, which has more significance, oral sex or intercourse with penetration?

Do you enjoy giving cunnilingus/fellatio (oral sex)?

How does the smell of your partner's genitals affect your desire to give oral sex?
You gotta keep it clean

Do you enjoy receiving oral?

Do you enjoy giving oral?

Which sense, with the exception of touch, plays the largest role in your pleasure during sex?

How do you feel about naughty, dirty talk during sex?
It's a turn on

Do you find it sexy to have your toes sucked on or to suck on your partner's toes?
not sexy

Women:How do you feel about hairy chests?
I don't like them too hairy

What body type turns you on most?

Have you ever had sex without kissing the other person on the lips?
Oh yes!

Do you like watching the penis enter the vagina?
Not really.

How do you feel about spanking during sex?
Love it

Do you like being bitten during sex?
Gently is ok

Other than your genitals, what is the most sensitive erogenous zone on your body?
lick behind my ears and I get soooo wet!

What kind of music gets you most in the mood for sex?
I don't need music to get into sex, but I do love music.

Would you like to have erotic pictures of your partner?
I do

What is your favorite way for your partner to verbally express his/her pleasure during sex?
Tell me what you want baby

When you are aroused, do you like to have your nipples stimulated?

Would you be turned on if your partner had his/her genitals pierced?
wouldn't make a difference.

How do you feel about having sex in a public place?
Fucking in the street during Mardi Gras is awesome

Have you ever cracked up laughing during or just after an orgasm?

Have you ever reached orgasm without actually being touched/touching yourself?

Did you have an orgasm the first time you had sexual intercourse?

Do you like your partner to watch your face while you reach orgasm?
If he or she wants too

Who in your couple usually reaches orgasm first?

In which sexual position do you most easily reach orgasm?
missionary with my feet wrapped around his neck

During a sexual intercourse, how much time does it usually take you to reach orgasm?

Have you ever had a condom break?

Do you worry about getting pregnant each time you have sex?

How would you react if your partner confessed that he or she was bisexual?
I'm bisexual. I love bisexual people

How long could you go without having sex with your partner before you start feeling that there is a major problem in your relationship?
I seldom fuck the same person twice so I don't worry about that

Would it bother you if your partner had sexual fantasies about another wo/man?

Women: Does the size of your partner's penis matter to you?

With how many partners have you had unprotected sexual intercourse (no condom)?
a few

For the most part, what type of contraception do you use in your couple?

Does using a condom during sexual intercourse detract from your pleasurable sensations?

When did you discuss the subject of contraception/protection with your current (last) partner?
Before we had sex

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy in which you were raping/being raped by someone?

Would you have sex (using a condom) with a reasonably attractive stranger for one million dollars tomorrow evening?

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?
Me and 100 guys

Have you ever fantasized about another person while you were making love to your mate?

How do you feel about using vibrators during intercourse?
just cock

Have you ever gotten caught in the middle of a masturbating session?

When you masturbate, who do you most often fantasize about?
A girl

How old were you when you first started masturbating?
9  or 10

Have you ever masturbated while your partner was watching?

Would it bother you to learn that your partner masturbated while looking at porn?

Would it turn you on to watch your partner masturbate?

Have you ever tried the spoon position?

Do you answer the phone when you're in the middle of a steamy session?
I have

What's the longest you've ever gone without having sex since you became sexually active?
2 months

Do you and your partner use lubrication when giving/getting a hand job?
You can call it that.

Have you ever had or given a discreet hand job in public?

What is the greatest number of times that you have had sexual intercourse in the same day?

During foreplay, leading up to sex, who usually takes your clothes off?

What do you typically do after having sex?

When you have sex, how many times do you usually do it?
a lot

Do you talk (other than making inarticulate noises) while having sex?

In how many different sexual positions do you find yourself during your typical intercourse?

What is your favorite sexual position?
me on top

How do you feel about the person you lost your virginity to?

Do you think prostitution should be legal?

Would you most likely have oral sex or intercourse first in a new relationship?
Not sure.  Whatever happens happens.

Women:How many times do you think men get an erection during a typical day (other than erections when they are sleeping)?
I dont know.

Have you ever pulled your partner's hair during lovemaking?

Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?

Have you ever kept a memento of a sexual encounter (panties, shirt, boxers, dark blue dress)?

When you lost your virginity, who was the first person you told?
My cousin

At what age do you think sexuality education (in schools) should begin?
Around puberty.

Should teens be allowed to have sex, including intercourse?
As often as they want

Have you ever masturbated with a friend ?

On a scale of 1-10, if 1 is a very mild discomfort and 10 is the most pain you can imagine, how painful was your first sexual intercourse?

Has anyone ever told you that masturbation was "bad" ?

Should younger kids (say, 8-11) be allowed some, limited, sexual behaviors (for instance, masturbation, mutual masturbation, typical childhood sex games)?
Many of them are masturbating at that age

Have you ever seen your parents having sexual intercourse?
Sure! I caught my mother fucking a boyfriend once... AWKWARD

Do you feel that your physical appearance is reasonably attractive to the opposite sex?

Have you ever felt like you were in love with (or had a crush on) someone of your own sex?

After your 12th birthday, and before your 20th, have you ever had a voluntary relationship with someone who was at least 10 years older than you were at the time, that involved at least sexual touching?

If you are sexually "active," have you ever had sexual intercourse while anyone else was present and able to see you and your partner ("group" sex)?
I love group sex

Do you feel that your sex drive is more or less than average?
above average

Girls sometimes worry about how much they will bleed with first intercourse. How much did you bleed?
not much

What do your parents know about your sex life?
They know I fuck... so what

Do you feel that it is possible to love more than one person (romantically) at the same time?

Do you usually or frequently sleep in the nude?
All the time

Did you ever have an orgasm without touching yourself or being touched?

For girls who masturbate: Do you generally insert anything in the vagina when you masturbate?

Did you learn to masturbate on your own, or did someone teach you how?
Figured it out all by myself.

Do you trim or shave your pubic hair?

What do you think about the sexual parts you have between your legs?
Like 'em, fun to play with.

Do you ever get sexually turned on as a result of playing sports?

Do you feel that you are sexually deprived because of your society or culture?

Have you ever looked for porn on the internet?

Have you ever seen your parents naked?

When you feel the need to masturbate, is it USUALLY because you had been thinking about sex, or does the feeling just come on suddenly by itself?

Do you find feet sexually attractive?

Girls often seem to boys as if they are not interested in doing sexual things. Why do you think this is?
Because they don't want to be labeled as a slut or a whore.

If a person seems very interested in you right away, does that turn you off? Do you need more of a challenge?
Nope, and nope.

Have you ever done anything sexual for which you, or your partner, could have been arrested?

How frequently in the course of a usual day do you feel sexual desire (get 'horny')?

Have you ever been awakened by a sexual climax that resulted from a dream?

If you could come back for another life, would you do it as the same, or as the opposite sex?
dont care

Honestly now, if you are sexually active with a parner, do you generally think of yourself as 'making love' or 'having sex?'
fucking my brains out

Do you think adults have ANY idea of what is going on sexually with teens and pre-teens these days?
I'm sure they do.

Do you feel that between roughly the ages of 5 to 10, you were simply unaware of sexual thoughts or feelings?
I had them

Do you masturbate in the shower or tub?
Does your closest friend know pretty much everything about your sex life?

At this stage of your life do you mainly think about 'making love to someone,' or 'having sex with someone'?
just fuck me already

Have you ever admitted to anyone else that you masturbate?
Yep, I'm very open about it.

Can you really talk to your mother or father about sexual matters?
i have

For girls: Were you frightened by your first period?

Do you think girls are as worried today about their 'reputation' as much as they were 20 years ago?

If you were caught masturbating by a familiar acquaintance of either sex (depending on your orientation), how would you react?
Ask them to join me

I have rules!
   I've been thinking about this married guy that asked me out, and I DON'T THINK SO!  Going out with a married guy has never been one of my turn ons. Meeting a random guy in a club ( who may or may not be married) is something I have done, but it was because I WANTED TO. I do what I want, not what someone alse wants. I pick my playmates, they do not pick me. I told the guy thanks, but no thanks. I told him if it's pussy he wants I can give him a couple of names of my friends who will sell him some, but I wasn't interested.... I tell you what I am thinking of though.... a trip down to New Orleans this weekend!

Oh My!
      Today a married guy asked if we could go out this weekend.... WOW! We are in the same math class and he's 27. He's married and has no kids. I know all this because we have been talking, as friends, since the beginning of this semester. He'a real nice, and VERY CUTE!. He threw me for a loop when he asked me out, although I sorta figured he kinda like me for awhile. I asked him what his wife would say, and he said it won't be a romantic date...  just dinner!

     I don't know. I dig older guys, and as far as I know I have never been with a married man, although some of those random hook-ups in New Orleans may have been... I don't know. Have any of you ever went out with someone you  knew was married? Should I ask him why he wants to go out with me instead of his wife?


     I went to a halloween party with a guy I used to date off and on in High School. Bak then he and I shared the same attitudes towards relationships, that I have now; We don't own each other and our bodies are ours and free to do whatever. I won't get into any relationship unless this is a mutual feeling. Well, this guy changed for the worst.

     This guy was jeaslous from the moment he saw my costume, a sexy lil "Sookie Stackhouse" get-up. At the party he would hold my hand and squeeze it hard if I talked to another guy, and would glare at me if he saw another guy looking at me. WTF! I told him to get fucking lost and he acted like he was going to hit me.... bad move dude! I started to punch him when the owner of the house where the party was asked us to leave. I called a friend of mine to come pick me up. When he got there, stupid picked a fight with him and my friend soundly whipped his ass.

     On the way home my friend was telling me that my attitude towards sexual freedom was OK in high school, but that maybe I should try and slow down and explore a more serious relationship..... I'm not against traditions but I have seen too many of my girlfriends get wrapped up in serious relationships and theylose their identity. I am not a compromiser, and I don't want to compromise my feelings, although I do understand that as I get older, my attitudes should mature also. I'm 21 not 61 and I want to enjoy everything life has to give, but why can't I do this with a guy who is not going to try and put a claim of ownership on me?


(no subject)
      Well... me and a girlfriend were going to Santa Monica for Thanksgiving, but she has decided to stay here instead. It seems she just doesn't want to be with her parents there. I don't want to go home to my mom's either so I guess we will just stay with some friends in New Orleans....

     i'm going to a halloween party with a great guy! We have gone out before, but he found a GF and we just sorta went our different ways. He's single again and I am really looking forward to a great time.


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